Bridge Sailing interview: Bruna Kajiya

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23 May 2018
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24 May 2018

Bridge Sailing interview: Bruna Kajiya


There wouldn’t be a better way to start our kitesurfing journey . We have the honour to host the beautiful and very talented  Bruna Kajiya,  a multi world champion. Bruna is known for her powerful and elegant style , she has a remarkable collection of trophies since she started her career . Let’s find out what she has to say about herself and kitesurfing.


BS: what made you start with kitesurfing? 

Bruna : I’m a water person and always have been. When I was young people use to joke that I was born with little flippers and one of my nicknames was little fish.

Around the time I first met kitesurfing, while was away from the ocean due to a surf accident that split my lips open and put me off from surfing, but I am destined to be in the ocean. So kitesurfing came at the perfect time, I took one look at the colourful kite gliding over the water and I fell in love.


BS: Perhaps you have a special relation with water or there is another reason too?

Bruna: The water is my second home, I feel more confortable in it than out of it, it’s where I find peace, where I express myself. When I’m traveling a lot for kiting,  and I miss home, or my family, that’s where I go to feel connected to my essence.


BS: Is kitesurfing dangerous? Are there any special body requirements ? What is the ideal age for someone to start with kitesurfing?

Bruna: Kitesurfing isn’t a dangerous sport, like everything we do in life it has it’s risks, which can be minimized by having classes on a reliable school and making sure to follow the safety steps to practice the sport.

 If you are a healthy person, you are good to go. There are no age limits, weight limits or strength requirements to practice the sport. It helps a lot if you know how to swim in case the wind dies off or you have problems with your gear. There isn’t an ideal age, you can start whenever you want, I would say for kids it’s best to wait until they are 8 years old.


BS : Have you ever tried classical sailing or you just began with surf and kitesurfing? Would you like to try with sailing?

Bruna: I sailed a few times with friends on their boats, but only recreational and I had a great time, I will definitely do it again when I have the chance.


BS: What makes kitesurfing so spectacular?

Bruna: There many aspects that make it incredible, the capability to jump and fly, the freedom of being out in the water only with your kite, to be able to transport yourself only with the power of the wind and glide through the water. It’s a very unique feeling. It is addicting!


BS: What are the main elements someone needs to be at the top ?

Bruna: To be at the top you need to be determinated to win, to understand the obstacles in front of you and the best way to overcome them. It’s a long journey that requires a balance of patience, endurance, planning and strong will.


BS: What you have to sacrifice in order to be at the top?

Bruna: For me the hardest part is to move from place to place so often and not to have a base, or to be able to spend enough time in one location in order to find a good training rhythm.


BS: Kitesurfing and Olympic Games. Please tell us your thoughts. 

Bruna: It will be great for the sport, it’s such an amazing sport that deserves the space and the attention that Olympic Games bring. Although the discipline of being Olympic isn’t the most radical one, nor the one that represents the sport best, I still think it’s a positive thing.


BS: Watching a sailing race is a bit difficult for someone who doesnt know the rules and the way a sailboat can move. Is it easier and perhaps more pleasant to watch kitesurfing?

Bruna : In my opinion it’s more entertaining to watch kitesurfing because it’s more dynamic, there’s more speed involved and it’s very easy to follow who leads during the race. The courses are shorter so it’s easier for the spectator to watch the entire race from one location.


BS: Sailing tends to foiling because of higher speeds. What is the next step in kitesurfing?

Bruna: Kitesurfing right now is going to many different directions, if you like to be radical you will practice freestyle, if you like waves then wave riding, and also foiling is growing rapidly, especially in locations with light winds.


BS: Has someone or something played a special role in your kitesurfing career?

Bruna: My mom, she is the person that encouraged me to pursue my dream and supported me with my firsts years. That was extremely important to help me stable my career and be able to become the professional I am today.


BS: Please share with us your dreams for the future. Where do you want to get through kitesurfing?

Bruna: My dream is to be part of the story of the sport I love so much, to be able to inspire people to pursue their passions. Also to see more women in the sport.


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