Everybody nowadays knows how useful and important sports are for youth. It is well known that every sport plays a very important and significant role to every young person's personality, mentality , and physical condition. Every sport.

But what about sailing ? Well, sailing is all about water , wind and the human's ability to take advantage of them . Human's ability , that means knowledge of an ancient art in combination with modern materials fighting against the nature.

How mature is a six years old sailor making his/hers optimist sailing ? Controling it , managing it to go fast , coming back to the marina safe ? What other sport can give that kind of skills to a six years old boy or girl?

No other sport can make a young person's character so responsible, independent , mature , accurate and effective plus the fact that perhaps its the only totally anabolic free sport.

Sailing is a wonderful sport , very spectacular but further more is one of the best ways to build wonderful humans to lead our future society .

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